Rescue robot

Rescue robot created by Rajula’s Gujarati farmer can easily save children caught in borewell


In spite of many efforts and laws, in our country, many cases of children’s disappearance in Borwell are still facing. And even though many efforts cannot be made to save a child or a child, now in such an event, children can be expelled very soon. An engineer in Gujarat’s Amreli has developed a similar robot.

How To idea to make a Rescue robot?

An engineer boy from a farmer in Rajula has created a robot to get the young innocent children out of the borewell very quickly and alive, and this robot which can be very effective in protecting and speeding the children from the borewell.

Rescue robot

In Rajula, a young man working in agriculture has studied engineering. This young man has developed a robot, which can be easily removed from the mobile by giving commands from a mobile phone, and in a very short time. This is a robot made of very sophisticated techniques, created by an engineer named Mahesh Ahir.

Rescue robot 2

According to Mahesh, he often saw innocent children fall into the borewell while playing. Despite trying for many hours, many children cannot get out safely. Many home lamps are extinguished only because they lack proper grip equipment. At that time, Mahesh began to design a robot with his understanding and thought, which could be operated with his mobile.

How is work?

The very clean photos inside the borewell can be easily removed from the borewell by looking at the movements, movement of children on the screen. Mahesh Ahir’s father is a modest farmer. Mahesh’s father Okabhai says that Mahesh has worked very hard to build this robot.

Rescue robot 3

Sanjay Makwana, a friend of Mahesh’s, has also helped build this robot. It says that this robot may be able to expel children who fall into any position. We were trying to build a robot in which children could get oxygen. And just trying it out, the robot just got ready.

The robot was demonetized by Mahesh and his family in front of Rajula’s legislator. This robot can be operated with its own mobile. The legislator then said that he had been writing to the government in writing and verbally about the robot. Mahesh will be encouraged to do this.