Air hostess jobs

With Air hostess flying in, this happens, knowing the fact that you will also be annoyed.


Nowadays, girls are working side by side with men in every field. Often people think that the Air Hostess lifestyle is simple and easy, but we can tell you that there is nothing like it. The lifestyle of an air hostess job is superb, but there are some rules that can be annoying.

The job of an international flight is very glamorous and its salary is also good. But with that, they face many problems. Let us tell you that Air Hostess has the worst experiences.


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A survey was conducted in the last days on this dirty secret of the airline industry. There have been several cases related to the functioning and life of air hostess, in which it has been observed that these air hostesses are being subjected to various forms of harassment, as well as to some people.

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For your information, let us tell you that the air hostesses show that when a flight takes longer, the passenger in the flight drinks a lot of alcohol and then they understand the plane as their home, after drinking alcohol. The way people sleep at home so does the flight without clothes, which looks very bad and is not allowed on international flights, but still, The passenger does so.

According to the information obtained during the survey

An insane passenger had toileted on an intercom phone used by the air hostess and because of this, the flight started to have a lot of dirt and bad smells.

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  • The passenger also once ate half of the air hostess’s sandwich, which he bought at the airport. When he asked the passenger why he was eating his sandwich, he said that because of the lipstick in the sandwich, he ate it.
  • Once, a woman passenger escaped and sat in the lap, while Airhostess thought that she would have to go to the toilet, but it was not, she sat in the air hostess’s lap and sucked her thumb when she was asked why. That she forgot to eat her panic medication.
  • There are also some passenger doing yoga, who starts sitting in the middle of the seat and starts doing yoga. General Chat Chat Lounge
  • Once a passenger throws acid on it, causing it to stain on his face, there are many cases where this air hostage has to suffer, which forces him to think.