I love to play ac and overcooked

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YAS!! I almost scrolled by without Animal Crossing Bells recognizing that this is not really overcooked. Wonderful job!This would be even crazier when we eventually get the capacity to cook at the game.How much materials were used to create those tables?! AND the rest of the setting.

That is so cool! I love to play ac and overcooked with friends so this could be a lovely crossover!The only improvement I could think of is to alter one of those villagers to Swedish Chef.Is that match fun? (Which I assume yes haha) I have been advised to get it by so many people but I do not understand what it is

You can just do one thing at a time: Reduce food, wash dishes, move food or plates around, place food on the stove, assemble dishes etc.. To succeed you need to share jobs, but the game throws wrenches in the gears, so you have ta switch jobs quickly. You need to make dishes in accordance with a timer and meals can burnoff, causing fire to propagate through the kitchen, so a great deal is time established, including tons of stress.

Oh wow yeah . . Idk if that is my cup of Nook Miles Ticket For Sale java hahah. I almost didn't purchase the pikman game because I saw it had been"timed" but ended up putting it anyway. Surely not as deeply timed as this match sounds though lol