How does the UberEATS clone app work?

UberEats clone app is the exact copy version of the UberEats therefore the working model is as similar to that of the original UberEats service.


By using one such clone version of the top brands you can easily gather the user’s attention. Gather the user’s attention, helps you to grow your business as quickly as possible, and helps you to keep your users engaged with the service. 

Here, I have mentioned the workflow of the UberEats clone app

  • The user’s verification is the foremost thing in every on-demand service. In the UberEats clone script, the users are able to choose social media log-in for quick service activation. 
  • After the service activation, the users are able to check the nearby restaurants and check the current offers of their service. 
  • Placing order and order acceptance, After checking the service availability the users are able to place their orders and wait for the order acceptance from the respective restaurant owners. 
  • The restaurant owners can either accept or reject the order that has been placed by the users. If the restaurant owner accepts the order, then it will automatically notify the respective consumer or the user. 
  • Now the user can track the placed order status in real-time. This is one of the niche features of using the UberEATS clone app script. 
  • Once the placed order has been successfully delivered the users are allowed to rate the service. This helps the service owners to know about their service and user’s expectations quickly on every order that takes place in your service.