Spotify Clone - Launch an astounding music streaming service app

Our Spotify clone app is built with cutting edge technology and user-friendly features that are easy to use for users. This is a suitable opportunity to make a big step and profitably corner this industry.


It has been 10+ years as the way of listening to music has changed with the evolution of technology. Spotify paves a new way and it is the most famous music streaming service app among music lovers. They can access an online library of music and podcasts as it allows them to their preferred songs. 

Spotify – Its basic and ad-supported version is free of cost

Spotify offers millions of songs from different genres and artists. It includes pop songs, soundtracks, classical music, and much more. It has an algorithm that recommends music based on listening history, curated playlists, and internet radio stations. The podcasts feature allows the users to listen to stories and tech discussions.

Moreover, users can use this app at free of cost as they do not have to spend a cent for a basic and ad-supported version. This version of the app provides unlimited access to music and podcasts but with a few drawbacks. Like, frequent ad breaks in between the songs, limited to a few songs, and quality of the audio is lower at 160kbit/s. Spotify also offers a Premium subscription plan in which users can listen to music without interruption like advertisements.

The paid version of Spotify is worthy for so many reasons:

Premium users can avail numerous benefits and it is worthy due to many reasons. Some of the prominent reasons that the Spotify paid version is worth the cost are as follows.

  • The app will not display audio and banner advertisements and so the users can enjoy listening to songs without any interruptions.
  • The audio quality in the free app version is 160kbit/s, whereas, in the paid version (premium), the audio quality is 320kbit/s.  
  • The app’s paid version allows the users to download songs and listen to them without an internet connection. When the users do not renew the subscription plan or cancel it, they can no longer access this feature.
  • Next, the users can skip the songs at unlimited times. Most importantly, there is no forced song shuffling. On the counter side, it is known that the free version of Spotify shuffles all the playlists and users can only skip 6 songs per hour.
  • If the Spotify premium users live in the United States, they have ad-supported Hulu access.

How does a music streaming service app like Spotify works?

Now, let’s dive into how a music streaming app like Spotify works.

  • Users can access the Spotify signup page on a browser. They have to enter an email address, set a password, specify a user name, enter a date of birth, and mention gender. After filling in the required information, they have to click the Sign Up button.
  • For first time users, they can avail themselves of the premium subscription plan for 3 months. Many user prefers this option as they can have various benefits like ad-free songs, better audio quality, and so on.
  • The left overstep is to download the app on a smartphone. After that, they can listen to songs of their choice. Song playlists will be available in addition to the listening history. These can be synced across devices.
  • Moreover, if the users do not want to install the application, they can listen to songs through the Spotify web player.

Predominant features of the Spotify like app

  • Yes, the home page is the gateway to discover more songs. Users can browse for playlists using the search feature. Scrolling the home page will suggest the users with mood playlists, popular albums, trending hits, podcasts, and much more.
  • When the users listen to more songs, the app brings a customized music experience to them based on the listened history. That is, once they play songs for a little while, the Recently played section will display the most played songs and playlists.
  • Also, the app will create Daily Mix playlists based on the listening activity of the users. Despite this, if the users do not like the automatically generated playlists, they can create their own.
  • It is simple as they have to click the Create Playlist option on the desktop. Or else, they can navigate to the Your Library section in the app and find the option there.
  • The Add to Playlist feature will allow the users to add songs to the created playlist with ease.

Spotify looking to expand its service in many cities and towns

Spotify has been planned to expand its service into cities and towns by offering 36 different languages, including Hindi and 11 other Indian languages. This app is already available in international languages, including English, French, Arabic, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Even though, Spotify offers songs in Hindi and other languages, it won’t offer lyrics in these languages. In a country like India, people speak a variety of languages. So, it would be better to offer service in all languages as this paves the way to drive more users to the app.

Spotify Clone script – A customized and ready-made music streaming app solution

Rather than preferring to develop an app from scratch, it would be better to develop a music streaming app using the Spotify clone script. This is a readily available and 100% customizable scalable app solution that facilitates you to deploy the app immediately.

Summing up

As the Spotify clone app is a replica of the popular music streaming app – Spotify, this will be a righteous choice and paves the way to gain more customers. However, it is recommended to come up with innovative and advanced features to stand ahead of your competitors. Get in touch with us for developing Spotify Clone now.